SQLite ODBC Driver

SQLite ODBC Driver 3.1

Connects ODBC applications to SQLite databases
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Facilitate the access to SQLite database from ODBC-based applications running onWindows, Linux and Mac OS X, 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The utility builds a direct TCP/IP connection to ODBC interface with real-time data transfer from the databases. It supports SQLite, 3.0 or later.

SQLite ODBC Driver is a software solution that connects ODBC-based applications to SQLite databases thus ensuring better connectivity. It is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit operating systems, and thanks to the direct TCP/IP link to the database it provides a high-quality performance and processing speed.

The GUI can be described as Rudimental, having no theme options, no colors, very few advanced options, and a poorly crafted menu. Yet, despite the lack of visual features, the buttons are responsive to user actions.

This software program is able to protect your data from unauthorized access, thanks to a customizable SQLite Database Encryption engine. Also, users have the means to perform set up bulk updates to SQLite database by combining SQL statements into batches.

In addition to the features presented above, this driver allows you to avoid data routing via additional software, like an SQLite client, thus reducing the risks of unwanted exceptions.

In conclusion, SQLite ODBC Driver is a reliable software tool for connecting ODBC applications to SQLite databases. It may not be free, and it has some minor inconveniences but it fulfills user expectations.

John Saunders
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  • Offers good response to user actions
  • Protects data from unauthorized access
  • Can avoid data routing


  • Has a considerable price
  • Has a poorly crafted menu
  • Has no theme options
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